Make A Profit Within 30 Days Of Starting Your Network Marketing Business

Dec 14, 2011, Network Marketing

You want to work where you have an unlimited income potential, control your own destiny, and create a passive stream of income that can provide an extraordinary way of life for you…So, you know the best way to do all of those things is to build your own network marketing business, and you’re ready to go! Awesome, congratulations! Here are a few tips to help you get in profit mode within your first 30 days!

newtork marketing profits in 30 days

There Are 2 Ways To Generate Income In Network Marketing:

1. Retail
2. Recruiting

Although you could go into great depth in each process, for simplicity’s sake, today we will just focus on the specific things you need to know to generate profits within your first 30 days of starting your network marketing business.

1. Retail

Retail SalesRemember back to when you first were exposed to your business opportunity, or attended your company’s weekly meeting…There was obviously something that won you over and made you a believer in what your company has to offer.

It could have been the compensation plan, the culture of the company, or the products they offer. Whatever the case, you found something that you felt you could show to others to help them change their lives, just as the opportunity changed your life.

Your belief, enthusiasm, and passion are critical when it comes to sharing your product and gaining customers. But, there are several additional factors you need to consider before starting out on your mission to spread the word about your products and company with the world around you.

Here they are:

  • What need does your product serve?
  • Who wants what you offer & are ready to but it from you today?
  • Why do they want it? (How will purchasing & owning it benefit them?)
  • Why should they buy from YOU?

You and I may be absolutely convinced of the benefits of our products or services, and we may believe absolutely anyone and everyone could benefit from them. However, you must still consider the needs of your potential customers, and how their life will be improved by owning your product or service.

Push aside all the fluff, and how they tell you “it’s not selling, it’s just sharing” and you’ll realize network marketing is a sales business!

And for you to retail as many products as possible, you must utilize the sales process, which is:

  • Build rapport with your prospect
  • Ask questions to create, or bring to light, a need
  • Listen!
  • Share with them how your product/service will solve their problem
  • Get their commitment and seal the deal.

If you approach the sales process in a conversational way, as opposed to just a sales pitch, you’ll find your prospects will basically close themselves by simply asking them the proper questions and allowing them to tell you what their hot buttons are, which you can use to sell them on!

2. Recruiting

recruiting gives you leverage and freedomThe true leverage network marketing offers for your life is in creating a team of people who duplicate your efforts, increasing the volume of sales in your organization and allowing you to earn a small percentage on the work of many people.

For many of us, this thought of growing a team is scary because we often associate our new recruits with our friends and family, who many of us feel will duck and dodge us at our next family get together.

However, done the proper and effective way, recruiting can actually be the most exciting and rewarding part of your business…you simply need to change your mindset about what recruiting really involves.

You obviously have personal sales numbers and objectives to reach in order to earn a good income and qualify for bonuses or promotions, but you should not view recruiting simply as a payday. It is actually an opportunity for you to radically change someone’s life for the better, showing them the door to open to find financial independence  and an entirely new way of enjoying life!

There is also much more to what a network marketing business provides than simply making money. That’s obviously a major part of why people initially join, but other benefits are discovered along the way, including connecting with positive people, increasing your personal development, and discovering your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you’ll have opportunities  to visit places you would have never imagined going to, and eventually you can forget having a day job and a boss ever again!

The very moment you learn and internalize these true benefits of your business, you will find you can connect and share with people who are absolutely dying to join you in your venture, and go to your next meeting just so they can meet some of the inspiring leaders you have been talking about!

To recruit effectively, rather than forcing the prospect in for the “make money” part, share the advantages of being connected. They’ll notice the difference in the people on the inside from those in the outside world, and your next paycheck will reflect that too!

Now, it’s just time to get to work and find some quality people to talk with who are actively searching for an opportunity. And let’s do this, let’s have them chasing after YOU, instead of you chasing them!

What do I use to attract these opportunity-seeking, life-change-searching people?

I use the power of the Internet, and “Attraction Marketing”, to find other people who are willing to invest in themselves and their business, providing me leads, and earning me a substantial income at the same time, allowing the money from my network marketing company to be “fun money” on the back end. Through blogging, video, social media, and email follow-up, I build a following of like-minded people, cultivate a relationship with many of them, and those attracted to working with me show themselves.

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