Is Success In Network Marketing Worth All The Struggles?

Aug 7, 2011, Network Marketing

It’s a sad, but true, fact that 97% or more of people who join a network marketing company, or other home-based business opportunity, eventually quit. Now notice that I said quit, and not FAIL…I personally believe there is no way to fail as long as you keep trying, keep learning, keep pushing forward, and getting better as you go.

I think the problem originates with the way many network marketers try to recruit people, using attention grabbing language and pitches that give new recruits false expectations.

…things like, “people thrown into your downline overnight with the push of a button

…”no selling, no calling, no emailing, no rejection, no failure, no WORK!

…”make a million your first month.“, etc, etc…

Okay, so I’m exaggerating on those comments, but not much, considering some of the emails I receive every day!  These recruiting techniques, unfortunately are the bad apples that ruin the whole bushel.

As network marketing professionals, we all know there will always be rejection, hard work, failure, speed bumps, potholes, and detours along the way.

And for sure, anything worth its while will have difficulties…just like any other business or endeavor in life.

Jim Rohn always said, Wish not for it to be easier, but wish for yourself to be better.

The thing that makes network marketing so incredibly different than any traditional business model is the power of Compounding. With anything else, if you put in “x” amount of work, you earn “y” amount of dollars, slack off, slow down, take a vacation, etc, and your income will go down.

Now, with network marketing, the same is true in the beginning, stop working and your results will disappear.

But the magic and the power of Compounding will create complete time and financial freedom for you, in the LONG RUN, if you just stay consistent with your efforts. It doesn’t have to be a lot, either.

If you just have 5 hours a week to put into your home-based business, then do 5 hours, but do it every week, keeping that momentum going, and over time…3…5…7 years from now, you can have true freedom in your life.

You don’t have to continually ramp up the time you put into it, just stay consistent and persistent, and the results will compound over and over.

That is why it is completely worth the journey in network marketing…no matter how long it takes…to achieve the success you dream of, and deserve! If it took me working part-time 15 or 20 years to make a $200,000 or $300,000 per year with my network marketing business, then it would still have been worth it to me…because then you have built an income that will continue coming in, month after month without fail.

So many new business owners quit because they falsely expect to make big money right away with little effort…but if, as professionals, we tell them exactly how it will be, that it will take hard work, that it’s simple but not easy, I believe the overall success rate of our organizations would increase.

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