How To Work Less & Live More

Today’s culture has entrepreneurship all wrong. It’s not just about making money, it’s about making time. Our generation’s obsession with riches, mansions, and empty treasures are leading them to a life that’s financially full and relationally bankrupt.

The true mark of an entrepreneur is a person who can make more money, with less time. Sure, there is a season in every business which requires a great number of hours. But your goal should be to create margin for family, friends, and adventure, not just the ability to buy nice things.

For example, I’d rather make $150,000 per year and work 20 hours per week, than $500,000 per year and work 60 hours per week, Remember, money comes and goes. Time just goes. As a mature leader, we must learn to prioritize and have eyes to see where the true value of self-employment is found.

So if you work for yourself, stop bragging about how many hours you’re putting in. It’s embarrassing. Anyone can do that. Instead, start sharing how much time you have. That’s something few people can do.

If you’re interested in creating a business that not only generates a substantial income, but also allows you to live a life you love, “Work Less – Live More” is the course for you.

…currently being updated, and I’ll probably re-release this training in early 2017!