How To Transfer Existing Videos From EasyVideoPlayer to EasyVideoSuite

Feb 5, 2013, Reviews

Do you self-host your videos? Or simply upload them all to YouTube? There are definitely advantages to doing it either way. Having your video on YouTube is nice for the added benefit of ranking in search results very easily, but self-hosting gives you ultimate control of your content.

No More YouTube in your marketingMany marketers are finally realizing the need to self-host their videos…For numerous reasons, including:

  • Ability to track statistics on your videos of viewing, engagement, sharing, and even conversion to leads and sales
  • No worries of your videos being flagged and removed by malicious community members who flag videos they disagree with. (And with YouTube, 3 strikes and you’re OUT!)
  • Not giving up ownership of your video, and your rights to YouTube and other video sharing sites
  • An ability to keep your videos completely private, such as for using inside a private membership site

I could go on with more reasons, but I think you can relate to at least one of those.

I’ve used YouTube for most of my public videos for years, and it’s really a great way to get traffic…especially since Google has taken ownership of YouTube, the YouTube videos show up higher and more often than ever in most Google Search Results.

…So public hosting of your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, etc, is great for traffic, but other than that you’re better off, in most cases, self-hosting your videos. You can accomplish this with a few services.

How To Self-Host Your Video Files:

amazon s31. Storage: You need a service on the web that stores your videos “in the cloud”, and allows people around the world to access those videos when they come to your pages and blog posts where the videos are embedded. The most popular service used by most marketers and web pros is Amazon S3.

They store your video files for you, and deliver to your video players wherever they’re embedded. Amazon charges super inexpensive prices, a few pennies per month per GB of storage used, and then a few pennies per GB of videos streamed. It usually will just be a few bucks per month for most marketers.

So, first step, go set up an S3 account at Amazon.

Easy-Video-Suite-Logo2. Upload Your Videos: You’ll need a program that simplifies the uploading process that Amazon S3 makes very complicated. S3 offers a very secure, comprehensive, and complex file storage service that can be used in many different situations. But for most marketers, we just need something that makes it quick and simple to upload and deliver our videos to people viewing our pages and blog posts…

There is NO BETTER program/service than EasyVideoSuite (previously EasyVideoPlayer). Bar none, it’s the best service that does it all for you. I havve tested other video hosting programs, and none come close to EVP…just ONE thing that sets it apart from the rest is that it makes your videos playable on all devices, without you having to upload individual file types for each kind of platform (Android, Apple, Windows, etc.)…no other services do this all in-house.

I used the EasyVideoPlayer for several years and loved everything it did for me. But the new EasyVideoSuite is even better. It takes care of everything technical for you:

  • Connecting with the complex S3 database and “file buckets”
  • Converting the videos you upload into all the file types needed to be played on mobile devices (Android & iPhone/iPad)
  • Tracking all kinds of statistics – viewing, engagement, sharing, conversions to sales
  • Giving you an easy-to-embed script to paste into your blog post
  • Allowing you to make videos completely private, only to be seen where you share, or public videos complete with sitemaps to help get them ranked in search results

So, second step, get EasyVideoSuite, get it set up, and start uploading videos! It’s that easy.

Escape The YouTube Soup Nannies:

Soup NaziHaha, that’s a phrase my friend David Wood came up with when talking about the folks who are behind the recent wave of malicious YouTube video flagging. There are a group of people, small-minded, bitter, unsuccessful people, who are flagging marketers’ videos on YouTube simply because they don’t like them or don’t agree with the message.

Unfortunately, YouTube has little quality control or oversight on this issue, and after your account has 3 videos flagged by the “YouTube community”, your YouTube account is Terminated!

I myself had my RevolutionIncome account on YouTube shut down a couple weeks ago during this wave of attacks. Even though it was loaded with great valuable “how-to” videos for my readers’ and subscribers’ benefit.

You can choose to dwell on it, become consumed by anger about the issue, and get nothing done….Or you can choose to move forward, see it as an opportunity to go in new directions, reach more people, and learn a new skill that could launch you above the competition.

If that was you, relying on YouTube to host all your videos for you and get all of your traffic to you, but your account was terminated…first of all, I’m sorry that happened to you too, it’s no fun at all. All that hard work you put into creating, uploading, and sharing those videos, just to see it vanish…

…But now is your chance to step up to a new level. Get EasyVideoSuite and start self-hosting your videos so you’re in control of them, not some silly soup nannies.

How To Transfer Existing EasyVideoPlayer Files To Your New EasyVideoSuite:

This one confused me for a bit. And got me a little worried too…

When I first logged in to my new EasyVideoSuite account, it led me through some basic setup steps. It asked me my Amazon S3 bucket name so that it could store my video files there.

But, it never asked if I had an existing EasyVideoPlayer account. I thought, “Dang I sure hope I don’t have to upload over 100 videos all over again.

So I searched around for a bit, hadn’t found anyone’s reviews or explanations on how to do the transfer, so I just started digging around inside my new EVS account and here is what I found:


You’ll find this box in the Settings tab of EasyVideoSuite where you can enter the bucket name from EasyVideoPlayer’s settings.

transfer existing videos from EVP to EVS

Here is what the page will look like when it begins transferring files:

EasyVideoSuite transferring files from EVP
I’ll be adding more blog posts and videos covering the benefits and how to use EasyVideoSuite.

So keep checking back for new content here!

Live Life On Your Terms,

Brent Wehmeyer

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  1. ScottFebruary 12th

    Great post Brent! Glad to see Empower members juggernauting there way through Youtube flagging. I did notice several Empower youtube videos I used to reference were gone. I had a similar experience with Empower flagging on Craigslist.

    I had a related question and if you can’t answer I understand. Can you use Easy Video Player to put different frames around a video sales page you don’t own or host?

    For instance, a service called Simple 2 Advertise essentially takes the core Empower video sales page and puts a different frame around it. I’ve been searching all day for a way to do that but can’t find anyone who can explain it. I know it’s easy if you own the video but if you’re an affiliate and you want to rebrand just the frame around a sales video it seems difficult to do. Simple 2 Advertise is great but they charge $37 a month for something I’d only need to do once.

    Any advice would be great! Thanks again for the great post.


  2. Brent WehmeyerFebruary 13th

    With you EasyVideoSuite, you can upload a video from your computer (and it saves to Amazon S3 for you), or you can import a video from a web URL.

    …So, for instance, if you have a YouTube video, just copy the URL on YouTube, then paste it into EVS, and it will import the video on the page.

    The video from the /commissionloophole page, if that’s the one you want to use, you would have to download to your computer (use something like RealPlayer video downloader plugin), then upload to EVS, and use their Page Builder tool to create your video page, like this one:

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