How To Convert More Prospects Into Team Members In Your Network Marketing Business

Dec 5, 2011, Network Marketing

It’s just a fact that about 99% of the people whom you expose to your business opportunity won’t enroll with you, and that is likely the reason you may be struggling in growing your network marketing business, not finding enough people ready to get started in business with you.

What works in building your network marketing business?

Many experienced leaders will tell you it’s just a numbers game and you simply need to “talk to more people”, and if you just talk to more people, or go up to bat more times, so to speak, you will inevitably succeed.

This is true, you can always improve results by going through more numbers, however, it’s ignoring the potential right in front of you, in the list of people you’ve talked to.

In that group of 99% of people who say “NO” are many people who are really just saying “Not Yet.”

They’ll be quick to throw out excuses not to get started, including:

  1. They’re not ready to join now…
  2. They don’t have the money…
  3. They have to think about it…
  4. They need to understand everything about it before they take action…
  5. They have to check with their spouse, their neighbor, the mailman, their boss to see what they think about the opportunity…
  6. Or any other reasons they can think of to not get started immediately…


See, most people take a long time to make a $500 or less simple business decision while they’ll easily spend that amount of money without a second thought on a weekend shopping spree. What they fail to realize is that by taking so long to make a simple decision for themselves, they will also inevitably attract the same kind of people into their business who won’t make quick business decisions.

That leaves you with just one solution!

…Start being more decisive right now!

If something feels right, act on it immediately and figure out how to make it work along the way. I remember hearing from a leader, “Success follows massive action.” You see, it’s better to just get going, even tripping and failing along the way, learning as you go, and you’ll become successful far sooner than waiting for just the right moment to get started.

Anyway, I got a little off topic there! I once struggled to recruit more people into my network marketing business…Until I learned the real secret to getting more people to say YES!

But, before I let you in on what that secret was, let me explain how I would react when people threw out objections and wouldn’t join, and what I felt was the correct thing to do.

My reaction was partially borne out of arrogance, and more so out of ignorance. I would expose prospects to some sort of information or presentation, whether I had met them while out and about, connected with them online, or they made their way through my blog’s marketing funnel. And when I followed up with them, if they didn’t want to join me right away, that is where I stopped with them.

Stemming from my training that taught me just talk to more people, I believed these people weren’t worth my time to talk to again and I thought the best use of my time was just to move on and find more people to talk to.  While it is partially true that you can’t get hung up on getting every person you talk to to join you in business, it’s also true that I was leaving a lot of potential on the table by moving on from all of those “not yets”.

The secret it takes 5 to 7 exposures for most people to buy any product or join your business opportunity. 

And what exactly is considered an exposure?

– Reading a pamphlet or brochure

– watching a DVD presentation

– reviewing a recorded video online about the company

– attending a live event, hotel meeting, etc

– a 3-way call with your upline leader

– a live webinar presentation of your product/service and business opportunity

In the marketing world, an exposure is anything that places information of a brand, product, or service in front of the eyes of potential customers. Every ad they can get you to see, whether it be TV, print, billboard, radio, or Internet, is one more exposure to your brand that builds trust and brand recognition in that viewer’s mind.

It applies just the same to marketing your product and your business opportunity to home biz seekers and people in need of your product or service…hearing about or seeing information on your business multiple times builds the validity of it in their minds until they get to the point of finally wanting to join.

So now that you know that little secret, you don’t have to feel like a loser when you don’t recruit prospects into your business on the first exposure.

The key is to continue “dripping” on all those prospects with information about yourself and your company. A little contact here and there will remind them you’re still there, inform them more about your products/service, update them on promotions and updates, and build a relationship of trust with you, until some get to the point of deciding to join forces with you.  This is best done with an email autoresponder system, like GetResponse.


This does, however, bring up one more problem…

Your network marketing opportunity, no matter what the company is, offers the potential to build a serious long-term residual income for yourself…but unless you’re recruiting large numbers of people from the very beginning, it’s very difficult to make a substantial income at first. You need significant money inflow up front to put back into marketing efforts to grow your business quickly.

This is where many people quit their business before ever having a chance at long-term success.  Many people start their own home-based network marketing business because they need to earn extra income. So you don’t have much excess cash to invest into the business when you’re trying to get it going. And, because it’s usually necessary in the beginning to pump your own financial resources into the business to fund growth, many people resign themselves and quit.

The solution here is a front-end system that helps you create a list of prospects, and at the same time provides significant up front income the will pay your bills and fund your business growth, allowing you to keep selling and recruiting your way to long-term wealth in your network marketing business.

That’s why I use this system, and refer all of my new team members to it…it makes enough residual income each month to pay all of my bills, and then building my network marketing business is just fun and ‘icing on the cake’!

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To Your Success,

Brent Wehmeyer



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