Going Full-Time In Your Home Based Business?

Sep 21, 2011, Network Marketing

I haven’t posted any info for a few days now, and I apologize for that. Running your own business just has a way of throwing certain things at you every now and then that you’ve just got to take care of.  But that’s also the beautiful thing about running your own business…you don’t have to […]

work part time on your network marketing businessI haven’t posted any info for a few days now, and I apologize for that. Running your own business just has a way of throwing certain things at you every now and then that you’ve just got to take care of.  But that’s also the beautiful thing about running your own business…you don’t have to ask off of work, or take a day without pay because you’ve used up all your vacation days already.  Because you have that freedom, you can take of issues when they arise, or you can just take off on a vacation when you feel like it.

But thinking about this made me recollect to a few years back, how I felt when I was building my business part-time, and I just knew I had to share with you my experiences so you don’t take the same path.

You see, I want to share something from my heart that I learned the hard way.  And if there’s anything I can do for you, I want you to know now before you make the same mistake I did, and you don’t have to struggle in your business like I had to from the decision I made.

“Firing Your Boss” Too Soon:

I was working full time as a landscape designer, and building my LegalShield business part-time with my nights and weekends. After having worked at it part-time for about a year, I was making between $2 – 3,000 per month. I had a small team that was out there producing and a good portion of my income was from overrides of my team’s production.

I was getting super excited about how my business, and I started thinking, “I’m making this much money part-time, just imagine how much I could make if I just worked my own business full-time!”

It sounds logical, right?  I thought so too! 😉

Well, within a few months after that thought first hit me, I quit my job.  I began working at building my business full-time. But here’s what resulted. Suddenly, when I would meet with people they wouldn’t just sign up like they had before.  Later I learned they could sense my desperation, the fact that I wanted and needed them to sign up.  As some say, they could “smell commission on my breath.”

I had gone from having a FUN part-time opportunity that gave me a couple thousand extra bucks a month, to having a job that paid me commission and I had to make sales to pay my bills.

On top of that, one of my main producers on the team moved on to another opportunity and I lost a good chunk of my overrides too!

A few months later, I had gone through my savings paying bills, and had to do something else. Fortunately, I have awesome, loving, helpful parents, and we came up together with a plan. I moved back to my hometown with them, which was a bit of an adjustment after being used to living on my own after college! We remodeled homes to re-sell and then I started doing residential contracting work for individuals.

Fast forward another couple years, and I again had my FUN part-time business mentality back! I had learned the hard way to keep your job to pay the bills, and work your business on the side AS LONG AS IT TAKES, until you’re debt free, more money is coming in than from your full-time job, and you have savings enough to quit and live stress-free for a while, as you transition.

The Magic Of Part-Time:

This also has a huge impact on your ability to recruit. People you know and are around a lot, watch everything you do, and they’re seeing how your business effects your life.  If it’s your side business that just takes 10 hours a week and it’s earning you several thousand per month, giving you freedom to pay off debt, travel a little more, and upgrade some of the things you have, like your house or car, your friends will see that and be attracted to find out more about what you’re doing.

The great Jim Rohn called this the “magic of part-time”!

On the other hand, if you’re having to work your business hard, full-time to earn the same income you had a job, and they see you struggling just to pay your bills, your business opportunity has just lost all its appeal to your friends and family.

This video from network marketing industry leader, Randy Gage, sums it all up better than I ever could, so take a look:

Wow, that’s powerful isn’t it!?

I love how Randy says “Live out of your job, and Grow out of your business.” By this he means, pay the bills with the money from your job, and re-invest the money from your business right back into the business.  This will allow you to freely grow the business until it’s to the point that it far surpasses your job income, paying off your bills, and allowing you to work full-time on your own business worry-free!

I learned the hard way, it’s absolutely best if you keep your job as long as you need to.

I don’t want to say anything negative about leaders in the network marketing industry, but I will be completely honest and tell you that part of what seeded that initial thought in my head that I needed to quit my job was from hearing some speakers on stage at events saying things that make you feel like if you don’t take all out action right this minute, you’re going to miss out on a giant wave of business.  I thought if I didn’t build a huge team as soon as possible, the wave was going to miss me.

I want to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Yes you want to put as much effort into your business now as possible, so that you can be free that much sooner.  But look, an opportunity will always exist to build your network marketing organization, the industry will never be saturated, and there will always be people looking to supplement your income. So don’t panic, just keep working away at it, and you will eventually succeed!

Take to heart what Randy said above and also learn from my own mistake of quitting too soon, and remember the words of Jim Rohn…the power of building your business is the “Magic of Part-Time”!


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