Earn An Online Income Without The 3-Way Calls, Home Parties, Hotel Meetings, And Bugging Your Friends And Family

Feb 5, 2013, Network Marketing

It’s been a long journey of learning and experience in the network marketing industry that has gotten me to where I am today.

I hold a deep appreciation for the Network Marketing Industry…I was introduced to it straight out of college. And I learned quickly that it would be a much better option to help me live my dream life than my Landscape Design career. To make even a decent income in landscape design, I had to work crazy hours and have virtually no life outside of work. I knew that was not the path I wanted to take in life.

So, I went through all the growth, trials, and learning experiences in building my network marketing business that you probably have as well.

  • Burning through my warm market, calling friends, family, and co-workers to try to get them to buy my service or join my business
  • Being rejected by 9 out of 10 people to even set an appointment
  • Cold-calling business opportunity leads 2 to 3 hours per night
  • Recruiting people to my team and 90% ended up doing nothing
  • Weekly, boring, lengthy, dress-up-in-a-suit-and-tie, Hotel Meetings
  • 3- way calls from team at every hour of the day or night
  • Home parties or Private Business Receptions that took 1 or 2 nights out of my schedule every week

…When you add up all the time involved, my business was almost like a full-time job itself!

…But I kept going, despite the time and frustrations, because I knew success in network marketing would provide a far better future for me than my job ever could.

Do you find yourself in the same place: frustrated by all the crap you’ve been told you have to go through in order to succeed in network marketing, but you just keep going because you don’t know a better way?

My Realization Of My True Beliefs Of The Network Marketing Industry:

I got started in my first network marketing opportunity in January 0f 2004, and I stuck with that same company for 8+ years (a veryyy long time in ‘MLM years’). As I said, I kept going because of the dream I had, so I always told everyone how much I love the opportunity network marketing gives you to live the life of your dreams.

…I would even try to inoculate people of the future struggles before they joined to make sure they’re serious. I would tell them some of the obstacles they would come up against, and what it would really take to succeed; no matter how many stories they heard from people saying how easy it was to succeed.

…And I don’t just mean the regular difficulties of life. I mean things like the politics that are still involved in MLM just like corporate America, leaders preaching the 3-5 year plan that isn’t true…things like that. But I told them you can work past all those things, it’s still the best opportunity we have to create a life of our dreams, that a job will never provide for us.

I also didn’t care for how if you wanted to get to the top level in your company, be on stage, or get recognition, you are expected to fit into this “suit and tie, professional” mold. You are subtly forced into that mold whether that’s who you really are or not. I myself wanted AWAY from corporate America, and wearing the suit and tie was part of what made me feel like I was still in it!

Additionally, there are many truths to how the industry REALLY works that really got under my skin. After hearing Dave Wood’s words from stage, thinking about all of these truths that I’ll reveal next, really sent me over the edge…to the point now where I wouldn’t recommend the network marketing industry to anybody.

Exposing Some Truths of the Network Marketing Industry:

1. The 3-5 Year Plan. Most top leaders are Preaching the Dream, but Living the Nightmare. They profess this plan of putting aside everything in your life today – family time, fun with friends, sports events, concerts, etc. – working tireless endless hours on your business NOW, so that 3 to 5 years from now you can live the life of your dreams, doing whatever you want, from wherever you want.

This sounds great in theory, and we’re all building our business for the hope of eventual time & financial freedom. But, a step back to survey the situation will allow you to see that the leaders professing this ‘work hard now, live life later‘ plan are the very ones who are grinding away, traveling nonstop around the country to keep their teams going, and still working endless hours 10+ years after they started their business.

So that lends the question, “Why weren’t they living in a tropical paradise, lounging on the beach every day 5 or more years ago, with their 3-5 year plan?”

The answer is, they know they have to keep grinding away, bringing in more people and keeping everyone going on their team or else production will dwindle and it will fall apart without them there.

2. Endless 3-Way Calls, Home Parties, PBR’s, and Hotel Meetings. The truth of how much work it takes to build a big network marketing organization, and the culture the majority of industry leaders promote, is a life of nonstop 3-way calls with team members, 3 or 4 nights per week spent in hotel meetings, home parties, and Saturday events, time spent motivating the team to create more production on team calls, and that’s just the start.

Those things can be fun in the beginning and give you a sense of being a part of a bigger cause with your team running alongside. But after a while you’ll realize how much it BURNS YOU OUT, and leaves you exhausted at the end of each day.

3. Backdoor Deals. You’re always told that everyone starts at the same level, and everyone has the same chance for success as anyone else. While it is true that anyone can start from the entry level of the compensation plan and work their way to the top – it is also true that many top leaders in companies got to where they were from sleazy, slimy, backdoor deals their company gave them to give them a boost.

Things like signing bonuses of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, aren’t uncommon for a company to offer a leader to hop over to their company, and even pay them monthly for a while until they get their team built up.

Company execs will also offer a big-time leader an instant spot at the top level of the comp plan, no need to work their way up. Or they’ll place them somewhere in the company structure to give them an existing team under them.

All kinds of crazy things like that happen everyday in MLM. Many people get into network marketing to get away from the politics of everyday corporate American…only to find there is really just as much in the network marketing industry!

4. You Don’t Own Your Business. This is a key point both newbies and experienced network marketers miss. We are taught from leaders on stage that building our network marketing business is the smartest thing we can do because we’re building OUR OWN business, we’re not dependent on an employer for a job, and we have control of our schedules and what we do each day.

But this is a false claim, as you’re still entirely dependent on the MLM company you promote actually paying you what you’re owed. And, they can terminate you anytime they like for whatever reason they choose…check the fine print in your associate/distributor agreement and you’ll see they have quite a bit of legal leeway to freeze your accounts and shut you down whenever they choose to.

The absolute truth is building your business – your INCOME – around one source, your network marketing opportunity, IS NOT building your own business. You’re merely an independent contractor subject to their product offers, compensation plan changes, marketing culture, and compliance rules.

It’s Time For A Change

There is a whole world of opportunity on the Internet. It’s a wild place, constantly changing and evolving, with new technology, services, sites, and tools popping up everyday.

And there are literally 10’s of 1000’s of people earning more every day than you are making in a year. It’s mind-boggling. But it’s REAL, and it WORKS!

…But it can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. You really just need 2 things to make it work: you need marketing skills, and training & guidance.

Marketing is the single biggest skill set you can develop to literally be able to create cash on demand in your online business. Marketing allows you to have systems do the selling for you, freeing up your time for more important things – so you’re not wasting your precious time on the phone or in hotel meetings and home parties.

With your own marketing skills, you can market ANYTHING you want, at any time, to anyone, without permission from someone else. Never again will you be at the mercy of your network marketing company telling you what you can promote, and what time you can or can’t have with your family.

You need those marketing skills, and you need the training and guidance to teach it to you…and that’s where I step in. With my coaching, you’ll have 100% of the training you need to help you succeed online.

The way I advocate making money online is simple, and the system is proven.

An Easy 3 Step Process

1. Build Your List – We create landing pages in about 2 minutes with Instapage. Yes, there are lots of landing page tools and options.. but I’ve found this to be the easiest to use.

There are thousands of ways to DRIVE people to your opt-in pages. We are focusing more of our attention on simple boosted posts and ads in Facebook.

2. Email Your List – You need a way to capture people’s email addresses and be able to send emails to them. I’ve been using GetResponse for several years now. It’s easy to use, great deliverability, outstanding customer support and very reliable.

There might be other programs that are “sexier”, but I am happy with GetResponse.

3. Monetize Your List – Once you’ve nurtured your relationship with your list, after emailing regularly and routinely for an extended amount of time, you’ll begin building trust…Then you simply offer them what you have to offer – your network marketing company’s products and/or opportunity, your own coaching, etc. – letting them know it’s the solution to their problem. With a relationship with your list already in place, it really doesn’t take any selling ability or slick salesmanship, just recommend honestly and confidently what you have to offer.

Making money online – whether with a network marketing company as your vehicle, or promoting your own products, coaching, or services – doesn’t have to be difficult…it really can be boiled down to those three steps I just listed.

Simply make the decision today, start learning REAL SKILLS that you can take with you to succeed anywhere in life. The time and money you invest into yourself now will pay huge dividends into your life for many years to come.

You’re awesome!

Thanks for reading through this post..it really isn’t just to sell you something, but to wake you up from the lies you’ve been told, and shake you out of doing those unnecessary frustrating things you do to build your MLM business on a daily basis…there really is a BETTER WAY! …a simple & easier way, with less frustration, no rejection, more time freedom.

It would absolutely make my day if you leave a comment about your thoughts after reading this post and watching the videos.

How did it impact you?

Did it make you aware of some things you weren’t before, or make you analyze what you’re doing in your business today that isn’t working, or isn’t efficient use of your time at all?

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