Do You Know How Underpaid You Are?

Feb 2, 2015, Entrepreneurship

When I used to go to work every day as a landscape designer, I got paid well – or so I thought, at that young, just-out-of-college age. Now that I understand economics better and have been in the entrepreneurship world for a number of years, I have a different perspective on it. Let me share it with you in this post…

Think about Wholesale and Retail…what’s the difference?

The retailer buys his widgets for $10 (that’s wholesale), and then sells them for $20 (that’s retail).

Back when I was designing & selling, I’d work all day to earn $160(ish), and then my boss would turn around and sell my work for at least double that.

I’m not saying what he did was wrong, I’m just pointing out how things work. He had every right to buy my work time at a wholesale price and then sell it for as much as he could possibly get. He was the owner of the company, taking all the risk, who deserved to earn the profits, and I merely had a job there.

But, part of the reason I started doing my own thing is that I got tired of accepting wholesale pricing on my work hours.

So…are you underpaid? If you are an employee, then you absolutely are underpaid. (Not a value judgment, just stating a fact)

So…are you willing to spend all of your working life accepting the “wholesale price” for your efforts?

We’ve been conditioned to avoid making mistakes, but I gotta tell ya…doing your own thing, occasionally making mistakes…learning from them, improving and moving forward…you’ll never feel more alive.

Calling the shots, controlling my value in the market place…it’s completely changed my life.

Are you selling yourself at wholesale?

Doesn’t that make life…kind of a grind?

When does the grind end? Or get better?

All around us, I see elderly people working well into their 70s and 80s…I can’t imagine they’re all doing this because they have lots of great options but, in spite of that, choose to continue to accept wholesale pricing on their work effort every day until what…they die?

You’re in control here.

You are making these decisions.

I’m telling you…the pain of regret is worse than any entrepreneurial struggle I’ve ever been through.

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