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Dec 11, 2013, Facebook

December 2016 update: The following post on how to create a Facebook Page has been quite popular, but please note that, while most of the insight and advice shared is still relevant today, most of the technical details of how to actually create a FB Page have changed.

Marketers everywhere keep telling you they’re using a Facebook Fan Page to build their business and make sales…but maybe you’re left scratching your head trying to figure out exactly how that works, or what it even means.

…So you searched for a little help on building your own Facebook Page.

…And somehow found your way here, and you’re wondering if I can help you.

No worries, I get straight to the point because I don’t want to waste your time. And I answer people’s questions, teaching exactly what you need to know to get results online.

So, with that said, here is the fastest and easiest way set up your Facebook Fan Page that generates likes, followers, email leads, and sales ($ Moolah $)!

1. Go to any other existing Facebook Page

Once you get to any other Facebook fan page (click this link for one), then click on the blue button you will see toward the top-right side that reads, “Create Page.”

Create a Facebook Page 1

Then select which category your business fits into:

  1. Local business or place (shop owners in physical “brick & mortar” stores)
  2. Company, Organization, or Institution (best for online marketers, affiliate marketing, network marketing, coaching, etc.)
  3. Brand or Product, Artist, Band (Coca-Cola, Whole Foods, Keurig, Mumford & Sons, etc.)
  4. Public Figure (politicians, business people, industry icons, etc.)
  5. Entertainment (bands, movies, albums, actors, etc.)
  6. Cause or Community (NRA, Girl Scouts, PETA, Right or Left Wing Politico Nuts)

If you aren’t certain of the best choice for you, just go with “Company, Organization, or Institution.”

Create a Facebook Page 2

Once you have chosen your business type, Facebook will request you fill out some information about your page.

This information will vary depending upon which category you selected. For example, if you chose “Company, Organization, or Institution,” you’ll be asked to choose a sub-category and the name of your company. Simply choose the info that best represents your kind of business. You really can’t fail at this, so just do the best you can.

When you’re done, check the “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” box, and click the blue “Get Started” button.

2. Complete the basic information requested

In completing this step, you’ll upload a profile image, complete your “about” section, and set up your Facebook web address. Also, doing this step will help your branding, “Search Engine Optimization”, visibility, and positioning.

When selecting a Profile Image to upload, make sure you choose an image that is 180 x 180 pixels. Once it’s uploaded, the picture will display on your fan page around 165 x 165 pixels.

Note: Please please please, in the name of everything Holy, please choose an actual REAL picture of YOU! …not some logo, picture of a random animal, or picture of some lotion, potion, or pill product that you sell. People come to your page to connect with YOU, not your favorite pet, miracle juice, or clip art graphic.

After you have uploaded your profile image, click “Save Photo” and click next. If you want to leave your profile picture blank for now, that’s okay, you can click the Skip button, and upload an image later…but of course, it’s best to just go ahead and get it done NOW to start branding you.

Create a Facebook Page 3

Next! Now you want to complete basic information about your business. When doing so, be as concise and clear with your message as possible, while also making a concerted effort to include keywords that are relevant to your business/industry/niche. Doing this will help you get ranked in the search engines’ search results and also allow people searching on Facebook to find you.

For example, if you’re a landscaper, you’ll want to include terms in your description that people you want to find you will be searching for…like landscaping, curb appeal, landscape design, luxury landscapes, custom landscapes, etc.

Create a Facebook Page 4

Then, enter your website URL (web address) and if you see the Yes or No radio buttons above, be sure to click yes, and then click on “Save Info”.

The last step above, Step 3, is selecting your Facebook Web Address. This is like getting a domain name like for your personal website, except this will look like This is the link potential leads & customers will type in to find you…so make it as short and memorable as possible. If the business is built around you and your personal brand, always try to make the Facebook web link your name. If it’s not available, try a variation that includes it, but still keep it as short as possible.

Once you’ve got your web link decided upon, click “Set Address”.

3. Get familiar with your Facebook Admin Panel

Only the administrator(s) of the fan page can see the admin panel. At first this will only be you, since you created the page, but you can add other people on Facebook as the admin of your page if you like.

The admin panel is like the Dashboard of your Page. It contains Notifications, Messages, lists of New Likes, link to key Insights on the demographics of your fans, and more. Think of all of these like the indicator lights on your dashboard giving you feedback and data on the growth and health of your page and your audience/fans/followers.

Create a Facebook Page 5

You’ll also notice an “Edit Page” button at the top of the Admin Panel. Clicking on it will allow you to edit and update your page info or add new administrators if you wish to do so. The “Build Audience” button next to it aides you in inviting people to Like your page and help with growing your audience through paid Facebook ads.

Caution: I don’t recommend blasting all of your Facebook friends with invites to Like your page…you want to target people who are actually interested in what you offer and are in your target market. That may be your friends and it may not be. You choose. But I wouldn’t do a blanket invitation to all my friends. And I would wait to invite people until after you’ve filled your Page with good content.

4. Fill your page with relevant content: images, quotes, helpful tips, stories, jokes, questions, etc.

Congratulations, you’ve now got the basic framework of your page completed!

Now, this step will be the deciding factor of just how successful your Page will be! …And it takes the most time. But it’s KEY.

You want to FOCUS on loading your page up with great content using Status Updates, Milestones, Images, Videos, etc.

Create a Facebook Page 6

What is “content” exactly? It’s a cliche term that’s very overused. Essentially, you want to share with your fans, and future fans, things that interest them, intrigue them, invoke engagement…You want to post things – using images, text, video, etc – that catch their attention, make them think, ask them questions, get them curious to learn more about you and what you do/offer, and get them to LOVE YOU!

This is a skill you may have to develop. It doesn’t come easily for everybody. Many have a tendency to use their Page as just a pitching platform to sell their wares and get people to join them in their business…but then they wonder why they don’t get anyone looking at their page or responding to posts. It’s because people don’t go to your page to be pitched to!

…Provide great content first that gets them to know, like, trust, and want more from you…then you can ask for them to check out something about your business or that you have for sale.

Quick Tip: Follow me on my page and follow along…learn from what I do. I’m no guru, I’m still learning and getting better everyday, but you can see what I do to get fans to interact with me on my page. Click here to review the content on my page and model it on your own Facebook Page.

Also, add a cover photo to the top of your page to help further build your brand. The photo you use needs to be 851 pixels wide by 215 pixels tall. If you need one created, just email me at [email protected] and I can work with you to create one pretty inexpensively.

5. Build custom Facebook “Apps” on your Page

After you have delivered great, engaging content through the timeline of your Page, begin implementing strategies to drive traffic, leads, and sales from your page. Start with my 3 tab formula.

The Brent Wehmeyer 3 Tab Formula:

  1. The first tab will focus on collecting email leads from your fan page.
  2. The second will focus on capturing more traffic, and
  3. The third will enable you to sell your products through your fan page.

Now, get some free traffic flowing to your fan page:

You have my permission (just this once 😉 ) to literally steal traffic from my blog by posting your new fan page link in the comments below. Go ahead, put your fan page link in a comments so we can check it out.

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