Conspiracy of the Rich: How The Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out

Dec 6, 2012, Entrepreneurship, News

Shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Going through the election season recently, we all heard tons of talk about “The Middle Class“. And you heard all kinds of interests groups, labor unions, and crowds clamoring for the government to do whatever it takes to save “the middle class”. You hear catch phrases and labels describing the middle […]

Going through the election season recently, we all heard tons of talk about “The Middle Class“. And you heard all kinds of interests groups, labor unions, and crowds clamoring for the government to do whatever it takes to save “the middle class”.

You hear catch phrases and labels describing the middle class as the “99%“, “backbone of America“, or other such terms that are endearing to this sacred demographic of people in the U.S.

However, in reality, it’s simply a lot of political pandering to the get the vote of the majority of Americans, while behind the curtain, the middle class is seen by the super-elite as nothing but sheep to be herded and fleeced.

…or gears in a machine that drive the economy.

The reality of the world today is this. Rich people take advantage of laws and tax codes that are made in their favor, that allow them to get ahead and become richer.

You can blame the rich for all our problems and say that our country is in the mess it is because the rich don’t pay more taxes, or some other nonsense like that…OR, you could simply use those tax codes and laws to your advantage as well and become one of the rich.

Because it is a FACT that the middle class is systematically being wiped out. Someday in the near future, there will be a catastrophic economic meltdown. It has been called “the greatest transfer of wealth in history” by experts such as Mike Maloney, Robert Kiyosaki, and Mike Dillard. And at that time, the nation will probably be divided into two classes: the poor and the rich.

Which side of the line do you want to be on?

You see what I’m getting at? Instead of trying to fight the system, complain about the rich getting richer, and how things aren’t fair for the middle class, just choose to do the things the rich do that the middle class don’t. Doing this will allow you to make more money, acquire assets that don’t devalue in down times (HINT: get out of CASH!), and position yourself to withstand tough economic times that are sure to come as the Conspiracy of the Elite unfolds and works to abolish the middle class.

Legal commentator, Alexis Neely, is quoted as saying this in one of her blog posts:

We are taught as middle class people that we need to control everything and it keeps us stuck. We are taught that the true entrepreneur is the one who has his hands in everything and is in control of every piece. Whereas the people from the upper classes are taught from an early age that you hire people to do things, trust them to get it done and fire them if they don’t.

That’s just one example of the how the rich operate…mastering delegating tasks so they aren’t stuck working 8 hours per day (or more) on a single task or specialty.

Another thing the rich get, that the middle class don’t, is that your income doesn’t have to be determined by getting a good education. People with college degrees is up to 35% of Americans today, versus 5% over 50 years ago…So, with more people having college degrees, that value, or scarcity, of having those degrees has gone down…subsequently reducing the certainty for a college graduate to secure a good-paying job.

The education system is set up to train us to be great employees, workers in an assembly line, but teach us nothing about financial success, or the mindset of the rich. Gee, do you think it’s that way on purpose!?

Robert Kiyosaki Exposes the Conspiracy of the Rich…

Part 1 with Alex Jones:

Part 2 with Alex Jones:

Part 3 with Alex Jones:

Being satisfied in these times with a roof, some groceries, a car, and some savings is not enough. Should we be grateful with this? Yes. Satisfied? No!

We should be content with where God has us, but never complacent…HUGE difference!

To escape the trap of the middle class mindset you must change your thinking in order to gain more prosperity.

Listen to my friend Dave talk about how to unlock your magical powers, and live an enchanted life…rising above the conspiracy of the rich & elite.

Isn’t that fascinating what he covered…how you can unlock the power within you to achieve whatever you wish. Knowing what you know now, there is no reason for you to complain about how you in the middle class are treated.

Focus on creating the life of your dreams. Use the rules set up for the elite to YOUR advantage.

Here’s the deal. You just listened to Dave talk…and if you’re anything like me, you were probably magically sucked into a trance listening to him. He has that skill of communication that’s just crazy.

But guess what…I’m working with Dave Wood and, together, we’re working to help as many people as possible unlock the potential within them and learn how you can earn $1,000 per day, without doing much more work than you probably do now.

How does that sound?

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  1. Norman W. MorganFebruary 2nd

    Maybe they just don’t realize what that would mean for the middle class. If Congress doesn’t step up, income taxes on the 98 percent of American middle-class families and 97 percent of small businesses will go up Jan. 1. A typical family of four could see its taxes go up by $2,200 next year.

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