About Brent

Well, where do I begin? I’m a husband and entrepreneur who’s simply attempting to make the most of this game, this adventure, this puzzle we call ‘life’.

I believe God has given us tremendous opportunities, skills, and talents in ourselves, the people around us, and every way we turn in this beautiful creation of his…something I believe our society has clouded people’s vision of. And, as crazy as it may be, I have a passion for helping people break free from mediocrity and apathy that the world has conditioned into them, creating a life of freedom through pursuing their God-given dreams, passions, and purpose!

Put simply, I believe absolutely anything is possible when one has a vision, firmly believes in it, and relentlessly pursues it.

Let’s Back Up A Little Bit…

I grew up on a small family farm in southeast Kansas.

I had the typical American education through elementary and high school that, along with my family environment, formed the foundation of my core beliefs. Beliefs like:

  • You go to school, graduate, go on to college for higher education (or trade school), and get a job.
  • Then you work, eat, sleep, pay taxes, and repeat until you’re either lucky enough to retire or you die!
  • Someone “above you” allows you to take a few days off for personal time each year.
  • You don’t ask questions, “That’s just the way life is,” you just learn to like it.

And I was also instilled with money beliefs like:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Making money takes hard work
  • There’s only so much money to go around
  • Pursuing money and success don’t go hand-in-hand with doing what God wants you to do with your life

“Waking Up”

Those were all the beliefs I held to be true for years. But, after a short amount of time out of college and diving head first into my career, I had a feeling from deep within that there just had to be more to life than that. So I found myself on a search for answers, for wisdom, for fulfillment. And that’s when I began to wake up as I learned the powerful lesson revealed in this video…

Growing up on a farm, I saw my dad – the hardest working man I’ve known – work tirelessly to “make ends meet”. From planting soybeans under the scorching sun in the 100°+ humid heat of Kansas summers, to chopping ice and feeding hay to the cattle in the worst of blizzards and subzero temperatures the Great Plains has to offer, I’ve seen him endure it all…the elements, difficult finances, little time away…in the name of putting food on the table and trying to build a future for our family.

He did have the freedom of working for himself, being able to arrange his schedule as he needed to for important life events – I did get that positive lesson of being self-employed – and life in the country can be very rewarding and enjoyable…but the never-ending run on the hamster wheel, just to keep your head above water in this society of ours, that was no different on the farm than for a young executive who’s trying to climb the corporate ladder in the big city. It was still the same story, just a different plot.

Any of that sound familiar?

“You Can Do Anything”

You can do anything” or “You can be anything you want to be.” …I heard those phrases from my parents and many adults throughout my childhood. I believed it then and I still believe it today, but my understanding of what “anything” meant at the time was limited by what they implied it to mean. I thought of it in the realms of occupations; like becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a firefighter, or even an astronaut.

From the results of those infamous high school job aptitude tests, and from analyzing my interests and abilities, I decided a career in landscape design would be the pursuit for me. I was artistic and creative, and I loved plants and the outdoors…so it seemed like a natural fit. So, after high school, I studied Horticulture & Landscape Design at K-State University, got my bachelor’s degree, and shortly after graduating, went to work as a designer in the Kansas City metro area.

It was a great experience that I learned a lot from. It was great that what I did for a job fit my personality, skills, and interests. But, there was something they failed to ever talk about in all of our college classes: how much money I could expect to make…As it turned out, not so much, unless I wanted to work a ridiculous number of hours each week.

…Now, I firmly believe money isn’t everything, but earning more of it certainly helps make your life better (as long as you still have time to enjoy life and don’t stress yourself out making the money). I soon found myself going into debt just living a basic lifestyle, and realized something to this day I think is quite profound:

You Don’t Need A Job. You Need An Income.

I went through all of these things over the last fifteen years or so:

– First, I stumbled upon Network Marketing, and built that business offline for several years, through the old-style hotel meetings, home meetings, 3-way phone calls, calling paid phone leads, and sending out promotional material in the mail to anyone I could think of.

– Around 2008, I went online to figure out a way to build my own list of leads of people who would potentially be interested in my network marketing opportunity. That opened a door to a whole new world, and down I went into the Rabbit Hole of Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Work from Home, etc.

– That led to several years of promoting Internet-based online network marketing opportunities. They had their pros & cons…you could build an income very quickly, and leverage it with technology, videos, webinars, email autoresponders, etc. But in that world, people jump from biz to biz so quickly you can never build a stable team and stable income. And, you’re ultimately not in control of your income, being at the mercy of the company you promote, who can stop paying you at any time for any reason.

– For a couple of years, being burned out by the negatives of the network marketing industry, I searched out projects & business models I could do on my own, and create income without having to recruit, build teams, and sell. That led me to Drop Shipping & selling Physical Products on eBay, Amazon, & Shopify. That had it’s advantages as well, but the biggest negatives for me, personally, was having to deal with inventory, negotiating & purchasing products, and dealing with some items not selling or having to be marked down to sell. It’s a great business that works for many people, but just wasn’t for me.

Where Am I Now?

I’ve tried so many things, and I’m glad I did, because I learned something valuable from it all…but a key skill I learned the hard way, is FOCUS…I’ve trimmed down much of what I do today into just a few things. I was always spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast trying to “spin a lot of plates” at once.

If you get nothing else from reading this, I urge you to find something you enjoy and are good at, determine you can build a lifestyle business online around it, and focus on that one thing UNTIL you are successful! It’s so much easier to achieve that success by doing just that one thing, instead of trying 10 different things to see which one works out first.

These days, you’ll find me working on my niche sites, that earn income from affiliate commissions and ad revenue. I have a handful of them, and regularly share results and things I learn from that endeavor, here on my blog.

I also spend some of my time with a network marketing company I endorse and promote, as well as a fantastic travel club membership I heartily recommend.

A few times per year, I’ll host live masterminds here in my town, inviting a few select clients to spend a couple of days with me. During these masterminds, I will break down your business with you, create the best game plan going forward, and help you form a vision for where your business will grow to in the next 12 months. These events are fun, transformational, and enlightening, but we focus on the one thing that really matters: getting you results.

Outside of business, I play racquetball almost everyday…it’s not only great physical exercise, but also fantastic mental exercise as I learn new techniques, improve my reaction time, decision making, and game strategies. I find it to be a lot of fun and is a great way to release the mind too.

My wife and I love traveling any chance we get, both throughout the USA and abroad. The world is full of amazing sites, people, and experiences, and we think it would be a tragedy to stay around home and never explore all God has created for us to enjoy.

I hope this has given you some great insight into my world – my experiences, life lessons learned, and the things I enjoy and am passionate about. More importantly, I hope you learned something from me that you can directly apply to your life and see amazing changes from. I look forward to speaking with you, hearing your story, and becoming a part of your future success story.

…Together, we can improve & increase your results, your business, your income, and create a life you live without limits!

Brent Wehmeyer