31 Verses To Discover Who You Are In Jesus

Jan 30, 2015, Spirituality

You mere absolutely made for greatness…and you were made in God’s image. With that knowledge, you can be confident you have what it takes to live as an effective Christian. Here are 31 verses that will help you understand and believe your identity in Christ so that He can do amazing things in your life.

We live in a world that loves to beat us down, tell us we’re not good enough, that we’re never going to make it, and causes us to quickly give up on our dreams.

But you need to know that you were made for greatness, in the image of God, and through your life He has amazing things planned for you.

The more you understand and believe what has been written about who you are as a person, through the power of Jesus, the more your life will begin to reflect your God-given identity and potential.

It is so easy to be consumed with what others around us think of us – friends, family, coworkers, and from garbage fed to you on the television – but know that God’s opinion of you is the only one that counts. He has great plans for you, a grand design, and can do many things for other people and the world around you, through YOU!

Dig into the following verses to learn more about who you are in Jesus Christ!

I Am Accepted In Jesus

I Am Secure In Jesus

I Am Significant In Jesus

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